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West Orange Arts Council - 551 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ

West Orange Arts Council - 551 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ


West Orange Arts Council Shows How to Find Your Inner Calm

Unleashing Creativity: The Healing Power of Neurographic Art

Patricia Mitrano, Chair of the West Orange Arts Council, presents at the West Orange Health Fair 2023The West Orange Arts Council presented at the West Orange Health & Wellness Summit of 2023. This event exemplified the West Orange Arts Council’s commitment to raising awareness of its mission, which revolves around nurturing the appreciation for the performing, visual, and literary arts within the local community. A crucial facet of their mission involves cultivating public interest in the arts & fostering support in our vibrant & growing arts community in the Valley Arts District of West Orange, NJ.

The Neurographics Workshop was demonstrated by West Orange Arts Council Chair, Patricia Mitrano, who is certified as an “Arts in Health Professional” through the University of Florida’s Arts in Medicine Program. Patricia’s training, which included program development and implementation, looks to infuse creativity to advance health and well-being for all individuals. As a marketing professional at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, she has also coordinated the hospital’s employee art and photography exhibition for the past ten years. 


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Neurographic art activities are known to facilitate a soothing artistic pathway that not only offers relaxation, but also serve as a powerful channel for creative expression and emotional inspiration. The West Orange Arts Council helped the attendees connect their imagination and creativity through their emotions.

Neurographic art activities is an innovative form of artistic expression, seamlessly connecting the realms of drawing and doodling to create fun abstract patterns. This emerging art form has gained popularity for its remarkable potential in elevating mental well-being, alleviating stress, and enhancing cognitive faculties. Through this meditative medium of neurographic art, individuals find the means to convey emotions that may otherwise elude verbal articulation, thus rendering it a priceless therapeutic tool for personal growth.

The West Orange Arts Council has an arts center located at 551 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ, with three galleries, a workshop space, and a gift shop. The West Orange Arts Center offers enrichment programs and innovative events that make art accessible to community members and the public. Programs are designed to inspire and spark creativity through gallery exhibitions, group shows, artist talks, lecture series, panel discussions, film screenings, and hands-on, art-making activities.

Through arts exhibitions, education, community outreach, and arts programming, the West Orange Arts Council strives to enrich and enliven the quality of life of the residents of the Township of West Orange and surrounding communities.

The West Orange Arts Council and West Orange Health & Wellness Summit witnessed a diverse assembly of attendees, gathering individuals of all ages, drawn by the appreciation of neurographic art and its promised benefits. When those who immersed themselves in the creative process, a sense of serenity and tranquility enveloped each participant, enhancing their mental well-being and happiness. Want to get more involved and learn more? Send us an email by submitted your comments or inquiry here. 

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