West Orange Arts Council, West Orange, NJ 07052

West Orange Arts Council - 551 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ

West Orange Arts Council - 551 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ

A Vibrant Celebration of NJ Local Arts: West Orange Arts Council’s Grand Reopening

The West Orange Arts Council marked a triumphant return to the NJ local arts scene in the Valley Arts District of West Orange, NJ with a spectacular pop-up show held at the West Orange Arts Center on Saturday, December 16th. The event was a resounding success, drawing in a crowd of over 50 art enthusiasts, eager to experience the creative brilliance of local talents. The afternoon showcased an impressive array of artworks from a diverse group of artists, turning the gallery into a visual feast.


Local West Orange, NJ & The Valley Arts Community

The event was a testament to the resilience of the local arts community in West Orange, NJ, which weathered extensive damage at the center’s location over the summer.. The West Orange Arts Center played host to this much-awaited reopening, welcoming both seasoned artists and emerging talents alike. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as attendees explored the vibrant creativity that adorned the gallery walls.

NJ Local Artists & The Valley Arts District of West Orange, NJ

One of the highlights of the evening was the diverse selection of artists whose works were featured. From Rey Arvelo’s thought-provoking pieces to Mary Byrnes’ evocative creations, each artist brought a unique perspective to the exhibition. Kwaku Debrah, Erica Deel, Amy Storfer Durschlag, Maria Estrela, Mary Franklin, Carol Jenkins, John Masi, Darlene Sardinsky, Linda Strobert, Colleen Creedon, and Anastasia Sielski added their distinctive touch to the eclectic mix of artistic expressions on display. It was refreshing to see Sielski’s winter landscape and nature acrylic paintings hanging up as one of the center’s youngest artists featured at age 12. Alongside her, seasoned creatives like Creedon displayed deconstructed and decorated guitars, while Kwaku Debrah featured and donated one of his abstract pieces to a children’s hospital. Local mayor, Susan McCartney graced the crowd with her support. 

Emerging Artists in NJ

The event also served as a platform to support local talent with the West Orange High School Ceramics Art Students contributing their works to the exhibition’s gift shop. Their creations added a youthful and dynamic energy to the show, showcasing the promising talent emerging from the local educational institutions.

Local Art Gift Shop

In addition to the mesmerizing display of art on the walls, the event featured a gift shop where attendees could purchase pieces from the featured artists. Judyann Affronti, Barbara Tamburro, and Liana Torrice had their works available for sale, providing attendees with the opportunity to take a piece of the local arts scene home with them. The inclusion of the West Orange High School Ceramics Art Students’ works in the gift shop further emphasized the importance of nurturing and supporting the next generation of artists.

NJ Local Arts

The West Orange Arts Council’s commitment to fostering a thriving arts community was also evident through this pop-up collaboration with local artists. Even with construction traffic happening all around the area that day, artists made it happen! Not only did the event showcase their works, but it also provided a platform for these artists to connect with the community. Lively music, paired with wine and food, really provided a friendly atmosphere for all there. The interactive nature of the event allowed attendees to engage with the artists, gaining insights into their creative processes and inspirations.

As the afternoon unfolded, the West Orange Arts Center transformed into a hub of creativity, fostering a sense of community and celebration. The reopening pop-up show served as a reminder that art can unite, inspire, and uplift all of us. The success of the event is a promising sign for the future of NJ local arts, showcasing the resilience and tenacity of the artists and the community that supports them. It is the kickoff event to an upcoming year of artist exhibitions in West Orange, NJ and the Essex County, NJ Arts Scene. 


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