West Orange Arts Council

West Orange Arts Council - 551 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ

West Orange Arts Council - 551 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ

The Power of IV – On exhibit now till September 11 – Live & Virtual

The Power of IV
Emotion • Eurythmy • Vernacular • Subversion
Elisabeth Antoine • Carol Black-Lemon • Lisa Lackey • Ann Vollum

Four women artists, two working in fiber and two in paint, come together in this eclectic exhibit  that celebrates life and the threads that connect us. The viewer is presented with a novel way  of looking at the world and is given a new realization of the beauty in everyday encounters,  experiences, and objects. An emotional connection and strength runs through the work; there  is an awareness for detail, the use of color, light and shadow, for rhythm and for human  emotion. The ordinary becomes extraordinary; the viewer is inspired to look at their  surroundings with wonder and appreciation for the small things, all the more apt due to the  challenging times we are living through.   View our virtual exhibit:  https://tinyurl.com/4jysbh4u          
View our YouTube video: https://youtu.be/oJsGKzrzozM  – we hope you enjoy it.

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