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Heidi Sussman


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Artist Registry 1
  • Abstract painter
  • Arts Educator
  • painter
  • pastel
  • photographer
  • workshop instructor
  • Collage Artist
Artist Statement
As a photo-based mixed media artist, I experiment with various processes where I combine my images with natural and digital art media. I use my iPhone or iPad to photograph, and my device becomes a mobile sketchbook where I capture an image and then take it through a series of processing applications. Sometimes it remains as it appears; other times I enhance the subject to create digital collage or photo illustrations that appear more painterly.
Artist Registry
  • Artist
  • Curator
  • Organization
  • Drawing
  • Graphics
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Acrylic
  • Collage Assemblage
  • Mixed Media
  • Oil
  • Pastel
  • Watercolor
  • Other

Featured Member Questionaire

How would you explain to a child what you do?
I am a photographer who likes to take my photos and add paint and wax to them to create something new.
When did you realize you wanted to be an artist/photographer/designer/etc?
when I was a very young child
How do your ideas and inspiration to create come to you?
My ideas come from eveywhere. Because I experiment with process I find inspiration in many pIaces. l am also a writer so I find my visual art sometimes comes from stories I write, and on the other hand, I create stories based on my images.
What do you do when you’re not creating art?
I love spending time in my studio in an old factory in East Orange that dates back to the 1880's, so I spend a lot of time there, thinking about art even when I'm not creating it!!
What makes my work unique is…?
My work becomes unique by adding natural and digital art media to my photographs. I am not afraid to combine my images with other mediums to create one- of- a- kind pieces
Why I support the West Orange Arts Council and what it means to me?
I feel its very important to give back to your community. I have been a West Orange resident for more than 35 years and feel having a dedicated town arts organization enhances the quality of community life.
How many years have you been a West Orange Arts Council Member?
I have been an arts council member for about 12 years, and my service includes a two year term as president.

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