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Lisa Suss


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My art, though often visually attractive, is also a vehicle for awareness about contemporary issues. I often address our perception of current controversial topics. Elements of assemblage and collage, incorporating artifacts of contemporary life, reflect my feelings through visual means. The collages in this exhibit are mostly reworkings of several groups of graphite and colored pencil drawings and watercolors. After I cut up this source material, I combine it with images from magazines and other print sources. Extending the collages over the frames adds to the challenge of adapting the original pieces to a different medium while maintaining the integrity of the original artworks.
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Featured Member Questionaire

How would you explain to a child what you do?
I like to draw, paint, glue, and to do many of the things you do in your art class.
When did you realize you wanted to be an artist/photographer/designer/etc?
When I was a child.
How do your ideas and inspiration to create come to you?
Ideas grow from previous work and by reacting to the world's issues.
What was the most fun you ever had while getting paid to do it?
I love to install art and enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful exhibit.
What’s one thing about you that few people know?
My creativity comes from well-honed spatial skills and novel combinations of media.
What do you do when you’re not creating art?
Art Gallery director at the JCC, doing installations, spending time with friends and family.
What makes my work unique is…?
it grows organically from one idea to the next using diverse resources to achieve the final result.
Why I support the West Orange Arts Council and what it means to me?
The Township of West Orange, being occupied with the concerns of a large town, needs the arts to add a creative edge to the populace.
How many years have you been a West Orange Arts Council Member?
I was a founding member. I've been involved since 1998, including an 8 year term as president.

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